The Zen Master Software for Buying Adult Traffic

A Tracking, Optimization & Automation Platform for Direct Response Adult Marketing/Media Buys

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Seamless Integration with Traffic Sources

Fully integrated with the largest adult ad networks to directly access billions of impressions daily through ONE central interface where all your data is accessible.

Stop wasting hours upon hours tediously piecing together numerous inaccurate cost reports.

We are currently in private beta exclusively with the premier ad network ExoClick:

3 billion+ impressions daily!

Other major ad networks will be integrated in the near future. If there is an ad network you’d especially like integrated, please let us know.

Lightning Fast & Scales to the Moon

Are you forced to clear your database every so often on your current tracker? Get rid of your out-of-date tracking solution and never purge your data that you paid for ever again.

Our software ensures your redirect speeds are never affected by the size of your database.

Designed to handle 10s of millions of clicks daily (assuming adequate server capacity)

No slow down of analytics and reporting, ever; retain your historical data forever

Lightning fast redirects no matter the database size. Stop losing clicks with slow trackers!

100% Automated Adult Media Buys

Do more with less time with AdultAdsPro’s automated processes. Manage and optimize your campaigns while you are sleeping.

Its true strength lies in the ability to find value you’ve been missing all along in your campaigns while actually saving you hours upon hours away from the computer screen.

Checkout some of the features:

Bulk campaign creation is as easy as selecting banners from your hard drive. No more fiddling with complicated click through URLs.

Automatically track a clean, granular set of data, down to the ROI of a creative, the hour of day, and specific sites and targets

See which images perform the best across all campaigns and generate “combination” reports that uncover which creative, placement, and offer combos generate the highest performance.

Easily rotate in multiple landing pages, split test against multiple goals on the same landing page, and adjust the % share based on results

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Scheduled Day-Parting with Hourly ROI’s

Setup day-parting schedules so your campaigns run at the most profitable times of day and pause when unprofitable based on concrete, actionable data.


Rule-Based Auto-Optimization Algorithms

Program custom algorithms to have AdultAdsPro automatically make cuts based on metrics like CTR, ROI, and loss. It’s like programming thousands of robots to monitor and do your work for you!

Different algorithm types can be created to test and monitor sites, creatives, and campaigns in your portfolio. Literally manufacture higher ROI’s!

Have 18 minutes? Check out the 2-part video tutorial on using the Algorithms:

Algorithms Tutorial Part 1 – 11:19 min.Algorithms Tutorial Part 2 – 6:56 min.


  • You’re finding it so tedious to piece together so many stupid reports.

    For once, bring zen into your adult marketing efforts. No more dealing with exporting 20 reports from 4 different traffic sources just to find out what your sites and banner ROI’s are. It’s the 21st century. Things should just work effortlessly.

  • You’re wasting too many hours monitoring your campaigns.

    Do you constantly need to check on your campaigns throughout the day? Stop wasting your hours. Create rules to auto-manage your campaigns, and take advantage of bulk uploading.

  • Your reports take forever to load & historical data is often purged.

    Does your tracker from the stone age get slower and slower to the point where you need to purge your database? Stop getting rid of your valuable historical data.

  • You’re losing clicks due to slow redirects.

    Do your redirects slow when traffic increases or if you’re trying to run a massive report? Stop losing clicks that you PAID for and rely on AdultAdsPro’s super optimized redirects.

  • You’re missing out on tons of un-optimized value in your campaigns.

    How many opportunities to reduce costs and increase ROI have you missed out on in not having granular, creative-level data? Don’t let campaigns continue to go un-optimized.

Concerned About Sharing Your Data with Us?

While we have a cloud-hosting option for larger clients, AdultAdsPro can be self-hosted on your own server. All your data belongs to you and resides on your own database on your own server. All software updates are sent via FTP/SFTP.

We don’t have access to any data except your total spend (and only for the campaigns managed by AdultAdsPro), since we charge based on that. Unlike some trackers, the code you put on your server is not encrypted. We have nothing to hide!

  •    Use your own domains for all redirects and landing pages
  •    Automatically track and optimize on data that remains on your private database
  •    Single point of access to all major adult traffic sources from your private server

One Central World-Class Interface

AdultAdsPro offers a single central ad buying, tracking, and analytics interface for affiliate marketers, product owners, site owners, and any other advertisers.

  •    No more trying to export different reports from 5 different interfaces
  •    All conversions and goals are all tracked automatically with 1 global pixel
  •    No need to ever log into ad network interfaces again except to add funding!

This is the must-have adult traffic tracker for all adult media buyers!